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Nifties are a type of guest that is not a full GoH but who are celebrities in their own right. A “Nifty” is a type of invitation status that Penguicon confers, who receives an admission membership to the convention free of charge, and access to the GreenRoom where there are meals, and is welcome to the private dinner with the Guests of Honor and ConCom on Thursday night if desired. Many past GoHs return as Nifties. They are advertised on promotional materials and their role is to participate in panels and other events.

Current Nifties

Past Nifties

Nifties Penguicon 7.0

Nifties Penguicon 6.0

Nifties Penguicon 5.0

  1. Nick Sagan, SF Novelist, screenwriter and all around nifty geek. He writes, “It's an honor to have my geekly pursuits recognized, and hijinx with Scalzi sounds like a blast.”
  2. Sarah Zettel, science fiction and fantasy author

Nifties Penguicon 4.0

Nifties Penguicon 3.0

Nifties Penguicon 2.0

Nifties Penguicon 1.0

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