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Each year, a contract must be negotiated with a facility at which the con will take place. This has been, historically, at a hotel as so much of the event happens late and so many of our attendees reserve hotel rooms. The Hotel liaison's responsibility is to take care of said contract and ensure that both parties are satisfied; but that both parties honor their end of the agreement. It is a thankless job, but it has benefits. There is a lot of yelling involved.

During the convention, he/she is the first point of contact between con attendees, staff members, concom and the hotel, ensuring that any issues that might arise are taken care of to the satisfaction of all involved parties. The Hotel Liaison arranges attendee room blocks, a quiet floor, and a room party block before the convention, and deals with reservation problems and facility snafus during the convention.

Current Year Information

Outstanding Questions

  • Glasses for brown liquor panel Food Room (1218) Friday at 5pm?
  • Pizza and Soda catering Ballroom G Saturday at 7pm? Waiting on response from David


General Comments


  • 2 roll offs in Med Room for Dealer's Room
  • Agreement with hotel that they will contact Ops/Hotel Liaison for security problems


  • Dealer's Room power needs - Hotel will run power


  • GoH Dinner to be held in hotel restaurant
  • Green Room in “Perfect Season” within budget (need a sign and email explaining)
  • Pizza for artists, Ballroom G, 7pm Saturday


  • Hallways will be cleared of storage items save for the piano
  • i3 display at end of hallway
  • i3 staging/lego robots in parking garage
  • i3 Cupcake car indoors has been okayed so long as it is zero-emissions and will not mark/destroy floors
  • The hotel has requested that, when not being carried, Geeks with Guns folks leave the guns in their vehicles or at home.
  • Carts for Logistics at loading dock or side door: 2 carts are available

Specialty Rooms


  • Concierge Lounge: 1200 Friday - 1500 Sunday
  • Dead-dog/Pre-con Hang space: 14th floor suite

Green Room

  • Hotel supplied lineup of snacks
  • Meal service for GoHs (Nifties?)
    • Fri Dinner; Sat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Sun Breakfast, Lunch
    • Limited sub-menu for short order food for meals for GoHs
    • Snacks provided from 1 hour before programming start to 1 hour after programming end
      • Should be meal appropriate (breakfasty snacks in AM, etc)
      • Available for nifties and gohs?

Sleeping Rooms

Normal Guest Rooms

  • 2 storage (Near Consuite, across hall?)
    • 8 rn (2 rm * 4 nights)
  • 2 gopher
    • 5 rn (2 rm * 1 @ 2 nights & 1 @ 3 nights)
  • Anime/Film (Near Consuite)
    • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
  • Eco Track (Near Consuite, far periphery)
    • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
  • LN2 Room (Near Consuite)
    • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
  • Last year's Volunteer Hours winner
    • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
    • Randy will get him in touch with me
  • ConCom Rooms (to be paid to con by concom members)
    • 32 rn (8 rm * 4 nights)
  • GoH Rooms (Quiet area)
    • 20 rn (5 rm * 4 nights)
  • Television Equipment Room (room 1709)
    • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)

Suites (5 of them)

  • Juried among all possibles who submit to by March 15th
    • i3 (Hackerspace Party)
    • Barfleet
  • Purchased through convention at $150 per night rate
    • Suite = Suite + 1 Bedroom adjoining. Additional at $100 per night (including tax)
    • Checks must be paid by March 30th or we move down the list

General Information

How it Works

This is essentially how the various aspects of the job get done, as best as I can describe it.

Assigning Rooms

Because we generally put ourselves in hotels that we book entirely, I have found it in our best interest to manually assign each and every room prior to the convention. This is, essentially, the hierarchy I use. This same order is used for determining who gets ALL limited quantity hotel items, from roll-offs to fridges to whatever else.

  1. Convention-Owned Rooms in the following order
    1. Con function rooms (green rooms, function space, broadcasting booth, etc)
    2. Guest of Honor rooms
    3. Any other rooms the con owns for whatever reason
  2. Staff and Nifties
    1. Staff
    2. Nifties
  3. Fringe Cases
    1. Anything out of the ordinary I need to accommodate (handicap accessibility, specific room required, etc)
  4. Special Requests
    1. All special requests handed in by various departments
    2. All folks that emailed special requests (such as noise preference) to the hotel account on a first-emailed, first served basis (this includes folks who filled out the request form on the web site)
  5. ConCom members
  6. General Population
    1. Everyone else, on a first-reserved, first served basis. When possible, the requests they made through the hotel are fulfilled (such as single or double, or floor preference) but near the end, those pickings are slim, at best.

Past Hotel Liaisons

Number Year Liaison Hotel
Penguicon 2011 2011 Jer Lance TBA
Penguicon 2010 2010 Jer Lance Troy Marriot, Troy
Penguicon 7.0 2009 Jer Lance Crowne Plaza, Romulus
Penguicon 6.0 2008 Jer Lance Troy Hilton, Troy
Penguicon 5.0 2007 Brendan Durrett Troy Hilton, Troy
Penguicon 4.0 2006 Brendan Durrett Holiday Inn, Livonia
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