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Job Description

A GoH Liaison has a very important job. Before the convention, they handle all communications between all of the convention and their GoHs. Such as:

  • Getting all answers on the Guest Questionnaire.
  • Getting a GoH bio for the program book and the Convention website.
  • Getting a GoH head shot picture for the Convention website
  • Making certain that transportation needs for their GoH are met. (Verify Travel arrangements, transport to/from airport)
  • Provide the GoH with their Panel Schedule.
  • Telling their GoH all of our expectations (like 5 minutes or so of speechmaking at Opening Ceremonies).
  • Selecting items for a gift basket for the GoH.
  • Helping the GoH get to all their panels and other events.
  • Providing the GoH whatever they need.

During the convention, they spend a lot of time with their GoH, making sure their GoH makes it to all of their panels on time, eats at regular intervals, and generally has a good time. They collect receipts from their GoHs to get them reimbursements from the convention for all normal expenses. Liaisons report to the Talent Wrangler.

Current Liaisons

Past Liaisons

PenguiCon 5.0 (2007) liaisons:

PenguiCon 4.0 (2006) liaisons:

PenguiCon 3.0 (2005) liaisons:

PenguiCon 2.0 liaisons:

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