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Acronym stands for Guest Of Honor. GoHs can give a speech on a topic of their choice, and are put on panel discussions and other events, such as book autograph sessions. They have access to the restricted GreenRoom in case they need a break from their fans, and are assigned GoHLiaison's to look after their needs. PenguiCon pays all expenses for a GoH and one companion, although occasionally the companion is also a GoH or NiftyGuest. See NiftyGuests for attendee celebrities in their own right who are not GoHs.

Penguicon 2010 GoHs 2010:

Tech GoH - Joe Brockmeier

Tech GoH/Author GoH - Marcel Gagné (Liaison: Craig Maloney)

Author GoH - Karl Schroeder (Liaison: Dave Klecha)

Author GoH - Spider Robinson (Liaison: Josh Parker)

Author GoH - Jeanie Robinson (Liaison: Josh Parker)

Hack GoH - i3Detroit (Liaison: None at this time)

Comics GoH - Howard Taylor (Liaison: Laurie Adams)

Penguicon 7.0 GoHs 2009:

Tech GoH - Rasmus Lerdorf

Tech GoH - Jon Maddog Hall

Author GoH - Sarah Hoyt

Gaming GoH - Jane McGonigal

- Wil Wheaton CANCELED

Penguicon 6.0 GoHs 2008:

Tech GoH - Benjamin Mako Hill

Tech GoH - Jono Bacon

Author GoH - Vernor Vinge

Author GoH - Tamora Pierce

Comics GoH - Randall Munroe

Gaming GoH - Keith Baker

Penguicon 5.0 GoHs 2007:

Tech GoH - Bruce Schneier

Tech GoH - Chalie Stross

Author GoH - Elizabeth Bear

Science GoH - Christine Peterson

Gaming GoH - Steve Jackson

Gaming GoH / Artist GoH - John Kovalic

Comics GoH - Randy Milholland

Penguicon 4.0 GoHs 2006:

Tech GoH - Chris DiBona

Tech GoH / Filk GoH - Frank Hayes (Liaison: LadySarah)

Author GoH - Steve Miller (Liaison: MauritaPlouff)

Author GoH - Sharon Lee (Liaison: MauritaPlouff)

Gaming GoH - Andy Looney (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

Gaming GoH - Kristin Looney (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

Gaming GoH / Artist GoH - Alison Looney (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

Penguicon 3.0 GoHs 2005:

Tech GoH - Nat Torkington

Tech GoH - Dr. Peter Salus

Author GoH - Cory Doctorow (Liaison: AnneMurphy)

Author GoH - Joan Vinge

Media GoH - Eugene Roddenberry Jr

Gaming GoH - Kevin Siembieda (Liaison: ClarkRodeffer)

- Wil Wheaton CANCELED (Liaison: BrendanDurrett)

Penguicon 2.0 GoHs 2004:

Tech GoH - Jeff Hemos Bates

Tech GoH - Jon Maddog Hall

Author GoH - Neil Gaiman (Liaison: AnneMurphy)

Gaming GoH - Steve Jackson

- Wil Wheaton CANCELED (Liaison: BrendanDurrett)

Penguicon 1.0 GoHs 2003:

Tech GoH - Eric Raymond

Tech GoH - Rob CmdrTaco Malda

Author GoH - Terry Pratchett

Artist GoH - J D Iliad Fraser

Artist GoH - Pete Abrams

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