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Food Track Programming

Penguicon is multiple conventions in one. So we have several Track Heads, each of whom acts like Head of Programming for a smaller convention. The Track Heads must have (or form a team of those who together have):

  1. ideas
  2. specialized subject knowledge
  3. connections in their community

Penguicon 2010 Food Track Head is Cylithria Dubois


Food Track Programming at Penguicon is as vast and variable as the convention goers themselves. Our classic programs like LN2 Ice Cream, Chocolate Ritual, Coffee Ritual, and the many Tasting Sessions are the back bone of our Food Track. While our new and fun programs such as Oxling's Alcoholic Chocolates become Food Track's limbs. The Food Track Head is responsible for not only organizing previous track programming, but also securing new panels geared toward the ever growing tastes of our convention.

Previous Programming Notes

New Programming Notes

Schedule of posted Calls for Programming

Volunteers, Signs & Graphics, Budgeted Items

To Do List

  • email Ron for login info for Food Track emails & DabbleDB
  • Compile list of previous programming. Add all info to wiki
  • Post on a call for Food Track Program ideas
  • Compile list of new programming. Add all info to wiki
  • Start contact list for any and all Food Track Programming participants
  • email big wigs (Trevor, Jer, & Randy) about Brazillian Beef. Is it Food Track. Is it being done in 2010
  • Drink copious amounts of coffee
  • Place stupid things on list of things to do so list looks longer, thus I look more important.
  • learn to spell check dumbazz. Grammar is your friend too.
  • Open Soda - is that Food Track or Consuite/Hospitality ?

Contact Food Track

You can reach Cylithria at, or if you are having trouble reaching her, you can reach Programing Head, Trevor at

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