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PenguiCon 5.0 in TwoThousandSeven will be held in the Troy Hilton on April

This is the same facility that hosts YoumaCon, the local anime convention, in November. Some local fans call the Hilton “the Starship Hilton” because its curving hallways are reminiscent of a set from the starship Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

They have the following in inventory:

61 - 6' x 30“ tables

124 - 6' x 18” tables

61 - 60“ round tables

9 - 72” round tables

The outdoor area with a tree and gazebo which is central to the semicircle shape of the hotel would be good for smashing pinatas, and possibly some of the mayhem track such as swordfighting, weather permitting. We have not yet discussed this with the people running the mayhem track, but we'll see.

The business center is too small for Ops. The coat room is ideal for registration and Ops to share– it's big. The boardroom table is not removable, but it is ideal for workshops and small gatherings that need a table. One of the Promenade rooms would make a good computer room.

The hotel rooms above the lobby area would be ideal for a party block to centralize the noise. It would be great to have the ChaosToy in the lobby, going up to the balcony, if they'll let us.

They don't use Wayport, and the high-speed wireless internet is free. But the more people access it, the slower it gets.

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