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For the lists of ConCom, StaffMembers, VolunteerPenguins, BoardOfDirectors, and ProgramParticipants, see individual pages for those lists. Those on this list may also be on one or more of those. It's not entirely clear what the difference is between ConCom and StaffMembers. Technically, true ConCom are only the department heads, but this has never been strictly hewn to because there are always a few ConCom who never come to ConCom meetings and lots of StaffMembers who always come to ConCom meetings. On the other hand, you might say most ProgramParticipants show up at the convention, do their thing, and leave, and are therefore not StaffMembers. StaffMembers put a lot of advance work into running an event… in which case they are kind of like really really active ProgramParticipants. Also, StaffMembers receive Plus 2 Dexterity.

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