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The parties I am aware of and what I know about them as of 3/31/06.

Party Name Brief Description Web Site(s) Contact Name(s) Day/Time Room Type Room #
Home Star Runner Don't get Baleeted, get Burninated!  Enjoy episodes from the popular animated website while drinking a Cold One.  (strictly non-alcoholic) Gerald Gentry Friday, 8pm - ? 2 double beds, non-smoking 108
Kingdom of Laothing An Adventurer Is You!  Clear out the denizens of Cobb's Knob and Degrassi Knoll with Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie.  This party centers
on a browser-based MMORPG with state of the art stick figure art and twisted popular culture references. Gerald Gentry Saturday, 8pm - ? 2 double beds, non-smoking 108

Heinlein Centennial Celebrate this infamous sci-fi author's hundredth with the rest of us fans! Barbara "kitten" Trumpinski-Roberts  Friday, 8pm - ? King bed, non-smoking 114
ConClave Less than 6 months away, it's a good time to preregister.  This year's theme will be Irish Goth, due to filk guest Emerald Rose and Artist Guest Voltaire. Catherine Asaro as Science guest. Mike Thelen Saturday King bed, non-smoking 116
ClubFusion Always a good time! Never too early to pre-register, right? (Eric McGlohon) discussion Saturday around noon. Roxanne King, Tammy Coxen Friday and Saturday 2 double beds, non-smoking (118) / King bed, non-smoking (120) 118/120
GT Room Right next to ClubFusion,  A room for Techies to hang out and geek about programming, coffee, dessert, or whatever we can find for Show and Tell.   Roxanne King 24/7 throughout con 2 double beds, non-smoking (118) / King bed, non-smoking (120) 118/120 Do you enjoy *really good* coffee and espresso?  Are you interested in hacking your coffee equipment? Come on in and see what we're talking about! news:// Eric McGlohon Probably both GT room 118/120
Firefly Shindig Dress up in your favourite Firefly costumes and come watch the Big Damn Heroes with us. We bring you the very best episodes. We will have fruity oaty bars and snacks. Bring your own Mudders’ Milk.   Silvia Stalzer / Jason Weirauch Friday    2 double beds, non-smoking 174
Hafla Bring your drums, zills and hipscarves for an evening of drumming and bellydancing. The hafla will start at 8:00 PM and go until we start wandering the halls like the nomads we are.   Silvia Stalzer / Jason Weirauch Saturday    2 double beds, non-smoking 174
ConverStation Karaoke, food, fun!  Preregister for ConVersation, a cool new RelaxaCon, or just hang out and enjoy a good time. Bill Putt Friday and Saturday 2nd floor suite 214
Pirates! This is not a room party, but the pirates WILL be roaming the halls, crashing ALL the parties, so keep your ears open! Pirate Pictures from ConFusion 2006 are here and here. Joe Saul Saturday no room needed NA
Elven Toast Get there early if you want to participate in this recently renewed tradtion!  All are welcome.   Bill Hobbel Saturday 9pm - 10pm room TBA.  look for the flyers! NA
UHACC Unix Hobbyists',Administrators', and Coders' Club Joe Reda Friday and Saturday 2 double beds, non-smoking 112

Please email with any questions or concerns.

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