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RachelWeisenfeld, aka Mistress of Midnight Mischief Management, has volunteered to handle room parties for Penguicon 5.0.

RoomPartyDetails for PenguiCon 5.0

Before the convention, this involves keeping a record of who has contacted PenguiCon to register their room parties. She will ask them if they want to provide ads for free placement in the program book, and will either get a descriptive blurb of their room party or write it herself for the schedule. This information will involve what times their parties are open. She will help them co-ordinate what rooms they wish to use, liaise with the convention staff and hotel to arrange that, and include the room numbers in the blurbs. She will also run the room party contest.

The following are some ideas for how room parties might be managed this year (from Penguicon 4.0):

-have a panel with people who are throwing room parties to attract judges for a room party contest - Approved by ConCom

-have prepared ballots and ribbons to equip and identify all volunteer judges - Approved by ConCom

-comments from judges will be compiled and sent to those running room parties for future party excellence. - Approved by ConCom

-give kits to those throwing room parties with helpful information/equipment such as doorstops, tylenol, nice little gift like candy or something, other room party info, alcohol wrist bands, etc. - Approved by ConCom

-all parties that have given notification by March will be listed in program and have access to dedicated rooms - Approved by ConCom

Questions to be answered:

-What are possible prizes for the Room Party Contest? - ConCom: Grand Prize of one free membership approved. Suggested several lesser prizes.

-Will we be able to have specific rooms set aside for Room Parties? - ConCom: Yes. A Room Party Block is an advantage beacuse it means that room parties do not need to be told to close by a specific time.

-What sort of resources are available to those who wish to throw room parties? For example, if someone runs out of cups or snacks, or drinks, where should I go to help them out? Or if someone needs help getting those things, is there anything I can do for them?

-How do those having room parties Check-In at the Hotel, and how does payment work for the room?

Answer: Those throwing RoomParties at the con make their own reservation and request to be in the room party section of the [Hotel]. They also inform RachelWeisenfeld that they have reserved a room and would like to be in the room party section of the [Hotel]. They check in as any guest would, and are required to reserve their room with a credit card as any other guest would.

RoomPartyIdeas - Go here to add your own room party idea's, or look for Idea's others have added!

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