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Unfortunately, for 3.0 in 2005 and for 4.0 in 2006 the LinuxBox was slow to respond to our communication, and we were too understaffed to respond in a timely fashion when they did respond. So we were not able to arrange the Friday training courses again. For Penguicon 6.0 in 2008 we needed a volunteer to find a training company, liaise with them, and take charge of making it happen. Linux Box or any similar company that is interested in this kind of arrangement should contact us to make sure planning begins for April 2008 no later than April 2007 preferably.

The Linux Box presented three Linux and OpenSource computing training courses in conjunction with PenguiCon 2.0 at the PenguiCon Hotel, the NoviSheraton on Friday, April 16 2004. All courses ended before Penguicon began. Those who signed up for any one course received a free PenguiCon registration. It was suitable to submit to one's employer, meaning that people's companies were able to pay for part of PenguiCon.

Enrollment was through a registration form available only on The Linux Box website. Those who register for a LinuxBox course did not have to fill in a registration form for PenguiCon or register for PenguiCon on our website; they were automatically pre-registered. Those who had already pre-registered for PenguiCon, and then signed up for a LinuxBox course, had their PenguiCon pre-registration refunded.

Apache Administration 9 am - 4 pm Petoskey Room $360 per person

Directory Services Interop (LDAP, Kerberos, Samba 3) 8:30 am - Noon Keweenaw Room $240 per person

LIDS - Mandatory Access Control/System Hardening 12:30 pm - 4 pm Keweenaw Room $240 per person

Who is The Linux Box?

The Linux Box is a project management and consulting practice, specializing in open source technology based on the Linux platform. We help customers assess, select, customize and deploy the best-of-breed open source solutions. We concentrate on knowledge transfer and training, applications development and porting, and network support services. Our goal is to help customers leverage open source software to meet their performance and financial objectives. The Linux Box is also a sponsor of the Linux Professional Institute.

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