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JunkPileWars is a contest where geeks are split into teams and then compete to be the first to build a working computer (with operating system) out a massive pile of working and non-working hardware.

JunkPileWars at Penguicon 5.0

For those of you waiting with bated breath (we won't ask what it's baited with), yes, Dan and Tom *are* planning to return to Penguicon 5.0 to host Junk Pile Wars. We are collecting a pile of parts, of even more dubious quality than last year, and are currently thinking of even more devious and diabolical tasks for you JunkMeisters to perform. No hints, but suffice it to say that it will be both like and unlike last year.

The UHACC team has come loaded for bear the last two years, and their preparation shows. However, a last-minute glitch last year just about cost them their repeat title. Can your team be the one that actually knocks them off the throne in 2007?

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