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The InventoryWrangler keeps a key to the StorageCube and a list of the stuff in it, gets it to the convention and back, and generally knows more or less who he or she has given it to while it's there.

The InventoryWrangler looks for a place to rent a moving truck for a good rate in or around the area of PenguiCon's StorageCube in Farmington. It should be someplace within 10 or 15 miles or so. The InventoryWrangler reserves the truck months in advance.

On the Thursday before PenguiCon, he or she picks up the truck, drives it to the StorageUnit. When a speed limit sign has two numbers on it, drive the truck at the lower number at all times.

With the help of VolunteerPenguins they offload the contents of the cube into the truck and then drive it to the PenguiCon [Hotel].

At the [Hotel], they offload the contents of the truck in and around [Ops]. The InventoryWrangler has the inventory list and ideally people are supposed to sign stuff out so he knows where to get it at the end of the convention. Good luck.

If we have freak weather below freezing in April, which we have had at one time, ask the hotel where you can plug in the truck for the weekend to heat the diesel fuel and prevent it from separating.

On Sunday afternoon, the InventoryWrangler takes the stuff that has been piled in and around Ops, loads it in the truck, asks the core ConCom if there is anything else (especially from ConSuite), and brings it back to the cube.

Then he or she returns the truck to the rental place.

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