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Penguicon Policy FAQ

Who do I talk to if I have a problem of any kind at con? OPerationS, not the hotel.

What do I get for being one of the ProgramParticipants? Those who pre-register as Panelists, [GameMaster]s & Presenters get a reduced rate of $25 & access to the GreenRoom.

What do I have to do to get my registration money refunded? Accumulate at least six hours of work as a VolunteerPenguin. Note, this only occurs if Penguicon makes money.

What do I have to do to get a reduced registration rate.? You can get a reduced registration rate if you pre-register and schedule yourself for 3 hours as a ProgramParticipant or 6 hrs as a GameMaster.

What do I have to do to get access to the VolunteerRoom to sleep & store my stuff?

What is the alcohol policy? No one will be served alcohol without presenting legal I.D. every time.

Who do I ask about getting my e-mail changed or getting on the website? The webmaster, RonBlanchett.

I have a table in the DealersRoom. Where do I get my dealer's packet? From Francine in the DealersRoom.

I am one of the ProgramParticipants (a panelist/presenter). Where do I get my panelist/presenter packet? The GreenRoom.

Who has access to the GreenRoom? Guests of Honor (GoHs), NiftyGuests, ConCom, StaffMembers, ProgramParticipants (Panelists, Presenters & [GameMaster]s).

What if a minor enters the game room unaccompanied by a parent?

What are the pool hours? It's the week of the convention and we are still not quite sure about that yet. We'll tell you when you get there.

What time does a Saturday-only membership end? Around 6 am Sunday.

Who gets free memberships for life to the convention? Full Guests of Honor (GoHs).

How do I get something from the cube? Requisition from the InventoryWrangler, ChipLivingstone.

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