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The Convention Committee runs the convention. PenguiCon makes a distinction between ConCom, StaffMembers, and ProgramParticipants. This distinction is for what compensation they receive, how much work they do, whether they have a address, and other considerations. It's particularly difficult to tell apart ConCom from StaffMembers. Department Heads who are also responsible for a bunch of other things at the convention receive a minus one against their Stamina roll for each other event or feature they are providing. All people receive a plus ten to their Charisma for each other event or feature they are providing.

Concom for PenguiCon 5.0 in TwoThousandSeven:

* JohnGuest ConChair

* DawnWolfe conchair's assistant

* TammyCoxen PreRegistration and AtTheDoor Registration

* JordanMalokofsky Treasurer

* BrendanDurrett HotelLiaison

* YanniKuznia Corporate relations

* Programming Department:

  • AaronThul TechProgramming
  • ClarkRodeffer is head of NonComputerGaming, but his official title is RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope. He may be contacted at
  • LadySarah and PatriciaAltergott Music: Filksings, Filk concerts, Dementia concerts, & assorted musical etc.
  • Programming team member: YanniKuznia

* Communications Department:

* Infrastructure Department

* Guest Department:

  • ShayVanZwoll GoHWrangler / LiaisonWrangler
  • YanniKuznia: ElizabethBear Liaison
  • ColleenGuernsey JohnKovalic Liaison
  • ShayVanZwoll RandyMilholland Liaison
  • KarenWasielewski: ChristinePeterson Liaison
  • JuanaOvermyer: BruceSchneier Liaison
  • AnneMurphy CharlieStross Liaison

* Hospitality Department:

* Unoccupied position: Acquisition and Disbursement of Prizes

* ComputerLounge

  • CharlesUlrich
  • MarshalNewrock
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