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Penguicon's webmaster is RonBlanchett. The webmasters duties include maintaining the technological needs of PenguiCon's web presence and assigning e-mail forwarding for the MailAliases assigned to ConCom members. (please click edit at the top right of this page to add to this article. Yes, you, who are reading this right now. Thanks!)

<ul>Items Currently being worked on:

<li><strike>Plone 2.1 Upgrade</strike> -Done!</li> <li>Photo Album Support w/ ATPhoto & PloneMultimedia</li> <li>PlonePAS: new user authentication system</li> <li>Member Photo Submission</li> <li><strike>Blogging</strike> -Done!</li> <li>New Website Theme</li> <li>Many, Many more item that I don't have time to list</li>


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