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Every year on the Thursday evening before PenguiCon, the ConCom, GuestsOfHonor and NiftyGuests have dinner at a restaurant. For 2006 it will take place Thursday, April 20 at 7:30 PM at The Ground Round restaurant right across the street from the Livonia HolidayInn. The Ground Round is on the south side of 6 Mile Road just east of I-275. Address: 17050 S Laurel Park Dr, Livonia, MI 48154 Phone: (734) 462-1735 <br><br>Due to a last-minute schedule change, the Looneys are not arriving until Friday about 7 PM.<br><br>1. Chris DiBona<br> 2. Frank Hayes<br> 3. EMPTY SEAT<br> 4. EMPTY SEAT<br> 5. EMPTY SEAT<br> 6. Steve Miller<br> 7. Sharon Lee<br> 8. Aaron Thul<br> 9. Matt Arnold<br> 10. Anne KG Murphy<br> 11. Scott Kennedy (coming with Anne)<br> 12. The Ferrett<br> 13 &amp; 14. Ron Blanchett &amp; Kristine(wife)<br>15. Susan Harris<br>16. Rachel Weisenfeld<br> 17. Lady Sarah<br> 18. Maurita Plouff<br> 19. Bill Putt<br>20. &amp; 21. Rob L and Fade<br> 22. Colleen Guernsey<br>23. Brendan Durrett<br> 24. &amp; 25. Cathy and Eric Raymond<br> 26. Chuck Child<br><a href=“$#” message-id=“”><br></a>

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