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Put commentary and suggestions here about technology and usage of this Wiki.

If you would like to submit a suggestion for this years Con please use the Contact form on the main Penguicon website, if you would like to report an error with a page please use the comment form at the bottom of that page. At this time we regret to inform everyone that the wiki is only editable by those people on the ConCom, its supporting StaffMembers and the BoardOfDirectors. Info about how PenguiCon is run and the steps taken to make everything run smoothly are noted here. All of the documents contained in this Wiki are property of PenguiCon (Except for content picked up from other authors. Credit is given. Used with permission. -MattArnold) and may/can be changed at any time. –RonBlanchett, WebMaster RSS Links: Recently Changed Pages Newly Added Pages

How to use

Everything you ever wanted to know about PenguiCon (but were afraid to ask). There are helpful advice articles and OperationalNotes. They should not be interpreted as factual descriptions of this year's current policy. For those kind of answers see FrequentlyAskedQuestions.

As you read, you will find an inaccuracy, or you will find that you know of a fact which an article doesn't contain. Good! Please use the “edit” button and you'll get a page kind of like a word processor where you can type and delete things. Add that fact or fix that inaccuracy and press the “save” button. This is what a Wiki is all about. It keeps a record of all changes, so never fear that you're messing it up! If you goof up someone will come along ten minutes later and say “hey that last change was mistaken” and change it back. So have at it. Please, make changes and additions to! See the EditingQuickStart page for a brief guide on this wiki's features.

Come up with an idea, or were you just told a factoid you need to remember? Get to the nearest computer with internet, log in to, and describe it before you forget it. It's your online notes. MeetingMinutes will be posted here. We can track WhoIsDoingWhat, keep a tentative MasterSchedule, and even record NotableQuotes for fun. It's a collaborative workspace.

You might also notice some funny capitalizations, where a word will start with a capital letter and have another capital letter in the middle of it. These are on purpose. You make a new article in a Wiki anytime, just by writing a word that way. It will be a link to a page where that strangely capitalized word is the title of the new page. Sometimes you'll see a question mark after such a word, such as MasqueradE, or JunkPileWars. That means it doesn't have an article written yet. Click the question mark to start the article. For this reason, on this Wiki the C in PenguiCon is capitalized henceforth, so it can be a link.

Please write me with any questions! We want to help you to help us to help us to help you. The Wiki is in its infancy but I predict over the next year or two we will wonder how we ever ran a convention without one. You can't have a knowledge base (or preserve old knowledge) in an ever-changing environment just by one or two people sitting down and cracking it out all at once. –MattArnold, MinisterOfCommunications

Click on the “index” button in the lower right to see an index of all articles.

The following is NOT a directory. It is a list of articles that *don't exist yet* but probably should. If you're logged in, just click the question marks to start typing what you know.

People we don't have articles about yet: ChipLivingstone ChristineBender ClifFlynt CynthiaRossi EricFlint FrancineRossi FredGallagher GeraldGentry JohnRingo JordanMalokofsky JDIliadFraser MichaelGriffin PatriciaAltergott PeteAbrams SharNims SteveDeHart SusanHarris TerryPratchett VinceLocke

Tasks we don't have articles about yet: AnimeProgramming BigTent DiscussionPanelists FanProgramming MasterWallSchedule OnstageProgramming SmokingConSuite TechPresenters VoodooBoard

Events we don't have articles about yet: BirdsOfAFeather ChocolateRitual FilkRoom InstallFest IntroToFandom IntroToLinux MasqueradE MountainDewDrinkingContest

Related we don't have articles about yet: ArsTechnica BoingBoing ComicBookLegalDefenseFund CreativeCommons DorsaiIrregulars ElectronicFrontierFoundation FireFox FreeBSD FreeSoftwareFoundation LinuCon MetroDetroitLUG MicroSoft OhioLinuxFest OpenOffice OSCon RedHat SlashDot TheGimp UbuntuLinux WashLUG

Other than a few sensitive issues such as finances or contact information, we don't operate behind a curtain. We're pretty open. There is a separate Wiki which only ConCom can see, but we don't use it.

ConCom/StaffMembers have the ability to create new wiki pages and re-parent pages. Those few non-ConCom, non-Staff PenguiCon attendees who feel like registering for the wiki have the ability to edit existing pages. We welcome you to do so! Anyone interested in registering as a wiki editor who has something to contribute is allowed to do so whether they're ConCom or not. However, we have to know you. Unlike most wikis, ours is based on an organization that meets in real life, and that mitigates user abuse. You have to be a registered PenguiCon attendee or a known member of the local software or fandom communities.

If you are not one of those, and/or you do not want to get a membership on this wiki, there is the ability to add comments at the bottom of every page. This is open to all anonymously, whether they have an account or not. There are many ways to make suggestions other than this Wiki. You can use the suggestion form on the web site.

Wish list:

- e-mail notification to MinisterOfCommunications of any changes to the wiki: This has been done! Thanks, RonBlanchett!

- print on demand suggested by MichaelAndaluz

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