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This is where the RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope keeps his PapalBullList. Your name will be placed on this list once you have signed up to GameMaster at least X number of hours (X has yet to be set this year, but in past years has ranged from 3 to 8) of scheduled NonComputerGaming, and the RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope has approved it. If your name has been put on this list by the RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope, you qualify for the <b><a target=“new” href=“”>Panelist / !GameMaster pre-registration</a></b>.

Papal Bull for 2007 is authorized for:

* NathanAndren (Ribbons should be “I JOINED THE INNER CIRCLE OF MORTON'S LIST” in gold text on black ribbons)

* MattArnold (Ribbons should be “META CHESS PIECE” in copper text on maroon ribbons)

* ColleenGuernsey (Ribbons should be “CARROT” in black text on orange ribbons)

* RonHale-Evans (Ribbons should be “CENTRVM VBIQVE EST” in black text on green ribbons)

* SteveJones (Ribbons should be “LIFE IS SHORT. GAMES ARE COOL. BLUE PANTHER” in gold text on blue ribbons)

* ShaunKlein (Ribbons TBD, if any)

* BillKorsak (Ribbons should be “I'VE PLAYED WITH BILL” in silver text on red ribbons)

* WalterSchirmacher (Ribbons should be “FNORD” in black text on black ribbons – for use with all SJ Games MIB events)

* AlanToby (Ribbons fall under SJ Games MIB events)

* JenniferToby (Ribbons should be “I GOT TRAPPED IN THE PLAYROOM” in white text on red ribbons and “HAVE YOU KILLED A BUNNY TODAY?” in white text on black ribbons)

* DavidWhitcher (Ribbons should be “PYROMYTH GAMES” in black text on red ribbons and “BANG!” in blue text on gold ribbons)

Papal Bull for 2006 was authorized for:

* AndyArnold

* KenBurnside

* JoshDrobina

* DrewHappli

* PaulKeyes

* ShaunKlein

* BillKorsak

* WilliamAkselKuehl

* DavidWhitcher

* AlexYeager

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