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By papal decree of the RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope


* NO SMOKING. For the comfort of everyone, all of the NonComputerGaming function spaces are non-smoking areas. Anyone caught smoking will be treated as though they are on fire.

* NO PETS. For the safety and comfort of everyone, only medically necessary service animals will be allowed in the NonComputerGaming areas. Gaming staff will ask the owners of all other animals to leave.

* BE CAREFUL WITH FOOD & DRINKS. Eating and drinking are allowed in gaming, but please take extra care not to spill, and please properly dispose of all empty containers and waste materials.

* GAMING IS NOT A DAY CARE SERVICE. Anyone under the age of 13 must purchase a membership badge at the youth rate or be tethered to a parent or legal guardian at all times. Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 must carry contact information for a parent or legal guardian at all times. Gaming staff will ask anyone who is unwilling to comply to leave.

* RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE. The people who run games at PenguiCon are unpaid volunteers. Likewise, other gamers paid for the privilege to play games at PenguiCon. Gaming staff will ask anyone caught mistreating others to leave.

* RESPECT OTHERS' PROPERTY. PenguiCon has a small GameLibrary, but most of the games are the private property of the gaming staff and other volunteers. Gaming staff will ask anyone caught mistreating any games to leave.

* NO TANTRUMS. Games have winners and losers. If you won, congratulations! But please don't rub it in. If you lost, please don't whine about it. Better luck next time! Gaming staff will ask anyone who causes or participates in any disturbance to leave.

* Above all – PLAY FAIR, & HAVE FUN!

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