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The purpose of GreenRoom is to keep the people going who keep the convention going. No one is allowed in unless they are GuestsOfHonor, ConCom, StaffMembers, or ProgramParticipants. They go there to relax and eat delicious and nutritious meals instead of trying to live on junk food from the ConSuite. Those working on the convention will often not have time to out to a restaurant for nutritious meals; to keep them in top shape, they are kept fed, hydrated and rested in the GreenRoom. GoHs can escape from the attentions of their fans in the GreenRoom when they need to. PatriciaAltergott runs the GreenRoom and has been known to take excellent care of hard workers and pampered celebrities alike. In 2005 we had a masseur and maybe we will again, but that is not confirmed at this time.

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