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Acronym stands for Guest Of Honor. GoHs can give a speech on a topic of their choice, and are put on panel discussions and other events, such as book autograph sessions. They have access to the restricted GreenRoom in case they need a break from their fans, and are assigned GoHLiaison's to look after their needs. PenguiCon pays all expenses for a GoH and one companion, although occasionally the companion is also a GoH or NiftyGuest. See NiftyGuests for attendee celebrities in their own right who are not GoHs.

GoHs TwoThousandSeven:

- BruceSchneier TechGoH

- ChristinePeterson ScienceGoH

- JohnKovalic GamingGoH ArtistGoH

- RandyMilholland ComicsGoH

GoHs TwoThousandSix:

- ChrisDiBona TechGoH

- FrankHayes FilkGoH TechGoH (Liaison: LadySarah)

- SteveMiller AuthorGoH (Liaison: MauritaPlouff)

- SharonLee AuthorGoH (Liaison: MauritaPlouff)

- AndyLooney GamingGoH (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

- KristinLooney GamingGoH (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

- AlisonLooney GamingGoH ArtistGoH (Liaison: ColleenGuernsey)

GoHs TwoThousandFive:

- CoryDoctorow AuthorGoH (Liaison: AnneMurphy)

- EugeneRoddenberryJr MediaGoHs

- KevinSiembieda GamingGoH (Liaison: ClarkRodeffer)

- JoanVinge AuthorGoH

- NatTorkington TechGoH

- Dr. PeterSalus TechGoH

- WilWheaton CANCELED (Liaison: BrendanDurrett)

GoHs TwoThousandFour:

- NeilGaiman AuthorGoH (Liaison: AnneMurphy)

- JeffHemosBates TechGoH

- SteveJackson GamingGoH

- JonMaddogHall TechGoH

- WilWheaton CANCELED (Liaison: BrendanDurrett)

GoHs TwoThousandThree:

- TerryPratchett AuthorGoH

- EricRaymond TechGoH

- RobCmdrTacoMalda TechGoH

- JDIliadFraser ArtistGoH

- PeteAbrams ArtistGoH

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