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Urgent Alert for the months of April and May 2006

See Kevin's appeal for more details.

Palladium Books, the company of Penguicon's past Guest of Honor Kevin Siembieda, has been embezzled of what may be more than a million dollars.

Kevin has put out an appeal for Palladium's fan base to purchase a limited edition hand-signed Kevin Siembieda print to pull them through this period, within a month or two, or they will go out of business. Purchasers will be listed and named “Heroes Of The Megaverse.”

AndyLooney, KristinLooney, and AlisonLooney of LooneyLabs were the GamingGoHs for TwoThousandSix.

KevinSiembieda was GamingGoH for TwoThousandFive.

SteveJackson was the GamingGoH for TwoThousandFour.

The original PenguiCon in TwoThousandThree did not have a GamingGoH.

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