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A DealersRoom is a place to buy collectables, T-shirts, costumes, books, games and other stuff at a ScienceFiction convention. Each dealer pays a certain amount for each table they use, and receives one convention membership with the rental of their first table. The room has certain opening and closing hours and is guarded all night while it's closed. Usually there is only one set of double doors used as an entrance and exit during open hours, to better manage security.

Unlike other conventions, PenguiCon does not restrict non-members from the DealersRoom, and in fact the sales to non-members is thought to be pretty brisk. So it does not need a DoorGuard for the DealersRoom.

Since the new hotel has less function space and more hotel rooms, we carefully considered supplementing our DealersRoom with an option called a “DealersRow.” At this time, we are not pursuing the DealersRow option for 2006, but may consider it in a future year.

2006 Dealer's room hours: FRIDAY 4pm-8pm SATURDAY 11am-7 pm and SUNDAY 12pm-4pm.

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