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Penguicon 2012 Concom Meeting
18 March, 2012

Meeting Announcement

18 March at the Regency Hyatt Dearborn, gather at 11am, meeting at 12pm promptly

Meeting officially started at 12:26pm (after waiting for the conchair to arrive)



Missing Concom


  • Krunal Desai (Tech Track)
  • Randy Bradakis (Celebrities)
  • Lucy Kennedy (Food Track)
  • Chris Krieger (LAN)
  • Ger Lance (Scalzi Liaison)
  • Gibson Nichols (Video)
  • Dan Eckerd (Logistics)
  • Melissa Gilchrist (Charity)
  • Jody Raiford (Eco Track)
  • Marah Tynan (Program Ops)
  • Gerald Gentry
  • Kerri Springer
  • Ryan Carey (Videogame Track)
  • Anna Carey (Legion of Doom)
  • Scott Kennedy (All kinda shit)
  • Adrian (Marketing Assistant)
  • Jon Wallace (Marketing)
  • Ryan Shipman (Gaming)
  • Person here with Ryan (Gaming Staff)
  • Tim Slovik (Life, Masquerade, MaYheM)
  • Jamie Liss (Drag Show & WOW Game)
  • Jackson Turner (ConSuite Staff)
  • Nicole Weltman (Zombie Walk & ConSuite Staff) (Dimples)
  • Empire Ramirez (Music Track)

Individual Reporting



  • Where the fuck is the conchair?
    • Nothing to report, other than absence
  • T-shirts
    • Matt will have art shortly
    • Offworld has a booth
    • Matt has our historical numbers
    • Jer will put together a list of shirts to purchase for the con and pass on to offworld/angie (this week)
    • Sarah dodged that bullet…slacker


  • Geeks with Guns is added to the budget sort of on the say so of Jer Lance and Randy Bradakis
    • No conchair, decisions happen anyway
  • B.Bower getting his reimbursement…
    • Amanda will pass on to Jer
    • Jer will follow up
    • No conchair, decisions happen anyway
  • Following up on mystery payment with Angie Fox


  • Can they get the whiteboards right away…
    • Coordinated with Logistics
  • Penguicon Branded Dice
    • ~$500…perhaps next year (will take too long this year)
  • Legion of Doom (Formerly Volunteers)
    • Nobody has asked for a single volunteer
      • We're told that's probably not good
    • Anna has infinity folks, but has deadlines: 7th April is deadline for requesting volunteers
      • Anything requested after that is unlikely to be filled
    • If you have marketing materials like the clings, please email marketing@ to let him now
  • Whuffie
    • Needs to have our account number printed on it
      • Jer will email it to Anna
    • Hotel will accept it for cash & carry
    • Hotel needs example copies one week out


  • Sarah: “Thank you all for your patience…I was sick and you were all awesome!!!”
  • A concern: We look like dicks to panelists…Sarah will do a better job of returning communications and track heads should do the same
  • How many program items for GoHs
    • GoH Dinner/Opening Ceremonies/Closing Ceremonies/+3 Hours of Programming
  • Make sure your staff/panelists/etc know what category they fall into and what they are getting in exchange
  • Ribbons need to be arranged by participants in advance next year!!!
  • Midnight Techno Yoga
    • What an awesome name
    • Will be supplying waiver for participants…will share with con first
  • Charity food drive
    • If we don't get much, Jer will drop off
    • Ops will guard the box
    • Buying 100 ribbons from Jer's budget
  • Will have info for Program Ops no later than 1 week out from Con
  • Main Stage Scheduling
    • Friday Night:
      • Opening Ceremonies at 8pm
      • Drag show at 9pm
    • Saturday Afternoon:
      • Masquerade..ending at 6pm
    • Saturday Evening:
      • Music show…~7-10
  • Rock Band
    • In Music Track Room
    • Chris Krieger will help with AV setup for this
    • Need TV setup for this for players too!
  • Gaming Room
    • Ryan is new gaming track head
    • Everyone who wants to help should contact gaming@
    • Ops will manage gaming library checkouts, etc
  • New game show…brick challenge….info on the website
  • Ubuntu MI Release
    • Friday shindig
    • Con will subsidized rates down to bar levels
  • Sken is doing things with Sarah
  • Geek Prom
    • Cash bar, RSVP driven hors d'overs
  • MPCon
    • Event will cost a grand
    • It is on. In Marquis. No up-charge…attendance first-come first served with reservation list
    • Computer Lounge will be in here
  • Jer will obtain pricing for GoH dinner w/tentative agreement to stay here per ConChair Pro Tem Randy Bradakis
  • We have room for one more Tech GoH if we get one by 25 March


  • No habla Aaron
    • We knew he'd be missing in Canada…it's 2:27, do you know where your conchair is?
  • Staff reg…when are they due?
    • Two weeks out?
  • Reg stuff will be in the reg storage area
  • If you do not wish to put your name in the reg database…pay in cash at the door…in a trench coat…and floppy, wide brimmed hat


  • Alcohol
    • Alcohol cannot leave the consuite…period. Even if it's not ours.
    • Service is only between noon and 2am
    • What beer do we want?
  • GoH Dinner Dessert Reception
  • Logistics…bigger truck?
    • 24' truck…price is going up…
  • Open Soda Hack of Honor
    • Anthony Distill
    • Lithie will email asshat@ to coordinate with Randy
    • Flavor contest…Jer's Cream Soda flavor…
  • Cold storage
    • Jer needs to talk to the hotel about a fridge
  • Has room for consuite staff (4 more)


  • Roaming parties:
    • Okay, provided they follow rules that I'm not giving you here…contact me for them. Me is Jer.
  • WOW Game is going to email description of things that will be in the lobby for game
  • Getting a bigger truck.
  • ConTV is on…when on/off?

Next Meetings

  • April 15th ConCom…Regency Hyatt Dearborn, 11am gathering, 12pm meeting (there will be a limited walkthrough)
  • If the conchair isn't terribly busy…it might be a good idea to throw this on the calendar for a brief appearance or a drop in or something

SMOS Dinners

  • SMOS at LOCATION place DATE.
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at

Meeting proper adjourned at 3:20pm by Jer and ConChair Pro Tem Randy.

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