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Meeting Minutes

People in Attendance

  • Sparrow Slovik
  • Trevor Jagoda
  • Jer Lance
  • Angie Fox
  • Amanda Long-Adams
  • Matt Arnold
  • Limey Zrnich
  • Randy Bradakis
  • James Hice

To do:

  • Checking account wtf?
  • Aaron will investigate his embezzlement on monday.
  • Webmaster says use his penguicon e-mail.
  • Randy - will start sending GoH invites monday.


  1. Misha is interested, but not in distribution
  2. Bill also interested
  3. Should we have these distributed in reg packets? Lets ask when reg is present.

Budget notes

  1. budget for things we commonly rape for a hotel for, like power strips. Hyatt costs much $$$ for this stuff.

Film Room

  1. Bill Korsak volunteered for this as well.
  2. Nick Czechowski for Anime Room?


  1. Grab three people to validation and testing
  2. Have James set up SVN/Git for the web scripting
  3. Check with Matt Arnold before release

Board Level Grants

  1. Chaos Toy - Malcom Kudra to command the spending?
  2. Gaming track head - notify to spend gaming grant money (for gaming library).

Program Book

  1. Keep two book format
  2. Encourage GoH content for the souvenir book

GoH Liason for John Scalzi

  1. Ger for John Scalzi's liason

$33,697 spent last year

  • Waiting on bank account access for more information
  • Second saturday of September is next board meeting? Have budget ready for presentation by this date.
  • Dealer table rates are $100, and $60, $60 for additional tables.
  • Contact Rob Landley about the possibility of a booth fair.
  • Remember to insert an ad about thanking key people in penguicon program book.
  • Meeting set for August 20 at Randy's In-laws. Premeeting noon, meeting at 1.
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