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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
21 November, 2010

Meeting Announcement

21 November 2010 at the Troy Marriott at 4pm. No pre-meeting.

Meeting officially started at 4:25pm




  • Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade)
  • Amy Zrnich (Drag Show)
  • Angie Fox (Dealer's Room)
  • Jamie Liss (Charity Auction)
  • Matt Arnold (Program Book)
  • Chris Spring (DJ)
  • Bob Brodis (Ops Staff)
  • Ryan Carey (Video Game Track)


  • Joe Bender



Next Meeting

  • December Sucks
    • 12 December 2010 at 4pm at the Troy Marriott

Community -

  • Lansing SMOS Dinner
    • Around a dozen attended.
    • There was food, there was games, it was fun
    • Should definitely do more in that area
  • I3/Penguicon Halloween Party
    • Went very well. Should do again
    • Winner of costume contest was Matt Switlik
  • Upcoming SMOS Dinners
    • If you wish to throw a SMOS dinner in December, contact James Hice

Marketing -

  • Randy is a big pussy, and doesn't come to meeting when he's sick
  • No mailbox key yet
  • Contest to design art for the flyers, t-shirt, and program book
    • Prize is free entrance to con
    • Also, can attend the GoH dinner
    • Judges: Limey, Jer, Christine, Randy, Ryan
    • Deadline: 31 Dec at 11:59EST
    • Format: TIFF, XCF, PDF or SVG
    • Size: 648×828
    • Limey will have James send the announcement
  • WindyCon Party went well
    • Another planned in February at Capricon

GoH Report -

  • GoHs are Locked
  • Liaisons assigned?
    • Brandon Sanderson (Andrew Drummer, Liaison)
    • Mitch Altman & Jimmie P Rodgers (Currently no liaison)
    • MC Frontalot (Scott Kennedy, Liaison)
    • Still working on hack of honor
      • Jer will contact Joe about a possibility
    • Jer will contact Angie about dealer tables

Hotel -

  • We have one
  • We're in it
  • Room layouts will be forthcoming

Auction Update -

  • Child's Play
  • Waiting for a response

Programming Report -

  • Still needs to contact Tech, Life, and Green tracks
    • Having difficult time getting a hold of them
  • Literature
    • Has 2 nifties and is looking for a third
    • Cat Rambo running Writer's Workshop
  • Music
    • Happily absorbed podcasting
  • DIY
    • Likes the potential location for the main track
    • Looking into hackerspaces to help
  • Science
    • Will start really working after ConFusion
  • Video Game
    • Fuckin slacker
    • Sometimes when we touch…

Art Show -

  • Fuck it…fuck it right in the face. Fuck its hopes. Fuck its dreams. Fuck its family. Fuck its favorite vegetable if it has one.
  • We are also not having an art auction. Its dreams can also be fucked.
  • Jeff Beeler, please ask about this later, so we can cover this again ad nauseam

Dealer's Room -

  • Jer has been assaulted!
  • Room setup will be essentially the same.
  • Room belongs to the dealers by noon
  • Jer needs to check out about Angie's back door

Website -

  • What the fucking fuck.
  • Ron, like our website, is largely non-existent.
  • If you have information, don't bother sending it to webmaster@, that email is apparently ignored
  • No, apparently nobody else is allowed to work with the site either, Ron Blanchett will neither do the job nor hand over the keys to others that want to do the job.
    • Correction: Apparently, these minutes are the only reliable way to reach our webmaster…so apparently leave your messages for him below:

Consuite -

  • What the other fucking fuck.
  • Kylia, like our website, is largely non-existent.
  • No report.

Operations -

  • Who do we have to make signs.

Next Meetings

  • December 12#th ConCom…4pm at the Troy Marriott

Meeting proper adjourned at 5:42pm by Limey.

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