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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
April 10, 2010

Meeting officially started at 13:09pm



Randy Bradakis


  • Ops and Facilities will overthrow the conchair the weekend of the concom.
  • All problems will route through operations.
  • If Randy supposedly promised you something but you haven't gotten an email from Randy about it, you aren't getting it. Email Randy to verify.
  • Penguicon Work Party after the hotel thing at Randy's house. Woot.
  • No Spider or Jean Robinson, even virtually.
  • Questions:
    • Schedule GWG Muster (Down a hallway that isn't main lobby…perhaps near Med room)
    • T-shirts? (Offline conversation with Angie)

Trevor Jagoda


  • Schedule is on website.
  • Hardcopies floating, please check for errors.
  • Electronic copy will go to the list
  • Only major issue: No panels for Marcel Gagne, Trevor will handle
  • Illuminatus is okay for dance, plus sound, cue and spotlight for masquerade
  • No GoHs for LN2 ice cream
    • Howard would probably like to
    • Jer will check with Zonker
  • Presenters should pre-reg and pay their reduced rate at the door (Trevor will supply names to reg)
  • Anime room is going to run via DVDs, any films that we wish to run should communicate with Nick C

Jer Lance


  • I <3 Troy PD
  • Cherie Priest is hot.

Chuck Child


  • There is a consuite (with beer and food)
  • Green Room: is set up for Nifties/GoHs
  • GoH dinner: will be in the hotel restaurant at 8pm for ConCom (& guest), Staff (& guest), Nifties (& guest), and GoHs (& guest). Yay us.

Brian Decker


  • 6 computers for Reg from Ossy? Yes…
  • Credit card machine app? Randy and/or Amanda will fill out app today
  • Printer from Ossy? Yes…more sure than computers
  • Questions for reg:
    • How many regs do we have in? Jer gave a random number in the mid 300s

Christine Bender


  • On site is humming along
  • Program ops is going well
  • If there is anything else that needs to be done, assume Christine knows nothing.
  • From Gerald: If a department needs something from Ops, make a document and get it to ops
  • Jer will provide his documentation for ops to Christine & Gerald
  • Lots of ways to communicate with Operations

Amanda Long-Adams


  • Nothing to report
  • If you need an expense report turned in, do so
  • If you spend money before the con, have your expense report in by Apr 29 by 10pm, otherwise you will probably be mailed a check after the convention
  • If you spend money at the con, Sunday by 3pm you have to have your expense report in, otherwise you will not be reimbursed.


Rachael (Signs)

  • If you need signs, get notice to
  • Assume she doesn't know if you haven't talked to her about it
  • Master schedule – Rachael will communicate wth Matt and Ops

Dave (Karl's Liaison)

  • GoH Info….

Scott (DIY Track)

  • White boards…

Gerald (Ops Onsite)

  • Jer needs to talk to Gerald and Christine

Anna (Volunteers)

  • If you need volunteers, talk to Anna
  • Hasn't heard from Anime, Signs, and many, many others

Chaos Toy

  • Need a sign for the chaos toy
  • Should be in the souvenir book

Next Meetings

  • There's a con. We'll be there.

SMOS Dinners

  • There will probably be work parties as we approach. Watch the website for details.
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at

Meeting proper adjourned at 14:53 by Jer.

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