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Email Sparrow if you want to help with the Eco Track this year.

* 2011 Staff on Eco Track *

* Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)

Sparrow Slovik

Sarah Metzler

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Blu Water Spa

The EcoTrack was born immediately following Penguicon 6.0. First, existing interest in eco-friendly practices continued growing and began showing up during that con. As the amazing weekend came to a close, it was evident that a formal collaboration was necessary. Sustainable computing and eco-friendly open sourcing started to creep in under the radar. With a solid need for recycling, creating sustainable goods, and sharing the information, several committee members have collaborated to make this new track possible. There was some debate on what to label the track, so as a compromise, Eco was the final decision. The “ECO” prefix literally means “concerned with living things in relation to their environment.” Each track was given an opportunity to share ways to have their own subjects Go Green! The EcoGeeks support earth friendly motives and hope to share those motives with interested con-goers.

With the help of many committee members, businesses and public supporters, the EcoGeeks focused on each area of the convention. The track has supported a Wellness Station in the past with complimentary massage and other professional services that provide a holistic view of health. There is hope to bring back the Wellness Station at future conventions.

EcoGeeks researched open source recycling, reusing electronics and computers, reducing electronic waste and sustainable computing. Interest in eco-friendly open source automotive surfaced and made the final cut as well. We are also looking as Urban Farming and Composting. Cooperation from several generous organizations helped make this track what it is today.


2010 Staff on Eco Track
  • Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)
  • James (Waldo) Hice (Track Assistant)
  • Sparrow Slovik
  • Tim Slovik
  • Doug Houseman
  • Geralyn Lance
  • Jer Lance
  • Limey Z
  • Sarah Metzler
Wellness Station Providers
  • Sparrow Slovik
  • Jon Pickell
  • Josie
  • Kim

Comfy Island Lush Ellembee Blu Water Spa Eco-Artware Inyourhands

2009 Staff

  • Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)
  • James (Waldo) Hice (Track Assistant)


Sponsors Sparrow's Essentials Sweet Lorraine's Silicon Alley Recyclers Handmade Detroit Irene's Myomassology Institute VegMichigan Eco-Artware AguaCate

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