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-==Email ​Sparrow ​if you want to help with the Eco Track this year.==+==Email ​ ​if you want to help with the Eco Track this year.== 
 +*2012 Eco Track (Planning Phase) 
 +By Jody Raiford 
 +2011 Eco Track 
 +By Sarah "​Sparrow"​ Slovik 
 +In the words of Cantus Fraggle, "We are all a part of everything and everything is a part of all of us." ​ As the core mission of Eco Geeks everywhere, this sentiment truly upholds the value of saving our planet. ​ This is the third year that Penguicon totes the Eco Track. ​ Sustainable Computing and Eco-Friendly Open Sourcing have joined up with DIY, Natural Products, Recycling and Upcycling to show how each area of life affects the rest of the world. ​ The “ECO” prefix literally means “concerned with living things in relation to their environment.” The EcoGeeks support earth friendly motives and hope to share those goals with interested con-goers. ​ Cooperation from several generous organizations helped make this track what it is today.  
 +Lush Cosmetics stands as the track'​s Premier Sponsor, supporting programming and offering gifts and prizes. ​ As a two year supporter, Lush has increased it's participation,​ donating a wonderful selection of fresh handmade soaps. ​ Lush Cosmetics strives to make effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. ​ They invent products and fragrances by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients,​ and put the expiration dates right on the product. ​ Plus, their ingredients come only from companies that do not commission tests on animals. ​ Visit their stores here in Michigan at Somerset Mall or Twelve Oaks Mall, or check them out here: 
 +Red Pepper Deli comes forth as a brand new and shiny supporter of this year's convention. ​ This gourmet vegan deli arrived in Northville, Michigan in 2008 and has been growing ever since. ​ The restaurant has provided gift certificates,​ as well as one of this year's Nifty Guests, Carolyn Simon, owner and operator of the raw food eatery.  
 +Another two year sponsor, Sweet Lorraine'​s Cafe and Bar has generously donated a gift certificate,​ offering gourmet food from the finest local, vegetarian, fair trade, and organic ingredients whenever possible. ​ They also offer a unique vareity of American classics, and have been voted amongst the top ten restaurants in Michigan. ​ Sweet Lorraine'​s has two locations, one in Southfield and one in Livonia, or you can visit them at 
 +The Eco Track is also supported by local artists providing samples of their creative abilities. ​ Ellembee, and InYourHands stand as two year supporters, while others are brand new for 2011.  Check out their Etsy Stores and a Treasury set up to feature their best products by visiting Comfy Island: ​ 
 +Thanks Again For All Your Help and Don't Forget: ​ "You Cannot Leave The Magic!"​
 *** 2011 Staff on Eco Track *** *** 2011 Staff on Eco Track ***
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  * Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)  * Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)
 + * Jody Raiford (Track Assistant)
 Nifty Guests: ​ Philip S Proefrock, AIA Nifty Guests: ​ Philip S Proefrock, AIA
 +Carolyn Simon, Red Pepper Deli
 ^Panelists ^Panelists
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 Sarah Metzler Sarah Metzler
 +Ashley Prescott
 ^Sponsors ^Sponsors
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 Lush  Lush 
 +Red Pepper Deli
 +Sweet Lorraine'​s
 ellembee ellembee
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 Supported Resources Supported Resources ​\\ ​\\ ​\\ ​\\ 
-http://​ +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​​treasury/​4d2c94f18ebb8eefafe624f9/​penguicon?​ref=pr_treasury +http://​​treasury/​4d2c94f18ebb8eefafe624f9/​penguicon?​ref=pr_treasury ​\\ 
-http://​​ +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​​ +http://​​ \\ 
-https://​​site/​ossbank/​home +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​​home/​ +https://​​site/​ossbank/​home ​\\ 
-http://​​MI.htm +http://​​home/ ​\\ 
-http://​​2009/​08/​made-with-love-found-terrariums.html +http://​​MI.htm ​\\ 
-http://​​+http://​​2009/​08/​made-with-love-found-terrariums.html ​\\ 
 +http://​ ​\\ 
 +http://​​ \\ 
 +http://​​ \\ 
 History History
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 Inyourhands Inyourhands
-http://​​ +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​​shop/​ellembee +http://​​shop/​ellembee ​\\ 
-http://​​shop/​inyourhands +http://​​shop/​inyourhands ​\\ 
-http://​​shop/​sparrow48161 +http://​​shop/​sparrow48161 ​\\ 
-http://​ +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​ +http://​ ​\\ 
-http://​​+http://​ ​\\
 **2009 Staff** **2009 Staff**
   * Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)   * Sarah (Sparrow) Slovik (Track Head)
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 **Panelists** **Panelists**
 Sparrow Slovik Sparrow Slovik
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 **Sponsors** **Sponsors**
 Sparrow'​s Essentials Sparrow'​s Essentials
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