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Penguicon 4.0 2006 DancE Write-Up

Join JohnMatthews, aka DJBrick as he serves up digital platters of rhythmic and melodious tunage that are sure to please your fannish musical palette and hopefully get you out on the DancE floor where you can shake, shake, shake your bootie and show off your, your, your, your, your boogie shoes. He'll even sit on a ham sandwich for you! (Sorry, in-joke there, ask DJBrick about it sometime)

DJBrick wants to make sure he has all the tunes you want to hear at the DancE so please use the contact form on the main PenguiCon website to submit your music request ASAP. We’ll be adding to this list right up to the time of the con but get those requests in so if by some chance we don’t have them, we have time to look for them and add them to our repertoire. Of course, the Time Warp will be played at midnight per con tradition.

Also see DanceDJ.

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