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Top Secret ConTraption, in 2001, was the final incarnation of ConTraption. That was the year that Camarilla was formally invited to be part of the con. Camarilla is the White Wolf LARP group at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. We also had The Great LukeSki as our filk guest.

This Michigan con was generally run in the spring months. In its later years it travelled from hotel to hotel. Of the three annual Michigan conventions - ConFusion, ConTraption, and ConClave - Traption tended to be physically the smallest.


  • Castle ConTraption had JohnDeChancie as the 1994 GoH. Northfield Hilton, Troy, Michigan.
  • Kosh of Babylon 5 was a frequent guest for ConTraption; that was during the years at the VanDykePark Hotel in Warren, Michigan.
  • Traption ran a charity auction annually for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Leader Dogs is based in Rochester, Michigan.
  • Introducing the Great LukeSki to hands-on fandom. DoubleTree Hotel, Romulus, Michigan.

I attended Traption from 1990 until 2001. I usually worked the con as well. - AnneZanoni. 2001 ConCom, Top Secret ConTraption

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